September 11, 2001 – A Rememberance


. . . the street was littered with debris and the noise of breaking glass and bending steel was deafening.  It was as if the entire island was folding in on itself.  Fear and confusion were overwhelming but then temporarily shrouded as a tidal wave of dust and wind washed over everyone.  As the dust settled it left everyone covered in thick layers of soot. It looked as if people had been burned alive but had not yet crumbled to the ground. Some began running as fast as they could while others seemed to remain motionless with the only evidence of life being the tear stains running down their ash covered faces.

Further away there was singing.  Children’s voices I thought.  Children, about 4-years-old, walking hand in hand, one in front of the other, and being lead by two women and followed by another.  Their voices were focused on the song, “Old MacDonald” as they continued to walk in a semi-orderly fashion away from the devastation.  Their voices did not sound joyful, but they were loud as if the sheer volume in which they sang would frighten off any harm.   The women leading them were obviously frightened but appeared to be in complete control.  These women were heroes.  These women are heroes.

Later I wondered about the parents of these children who must have been worried sick about not being able to reach them.  I also worried about the children as some have undoubtedly lost one of their parents, maybe both.  This was a day that changed our nation.

The United States is plagued with political and economic problems right now.  We may still be suffering the effects from this day, ten years ago.  But for a period of time in 2001 this nation was united in fear, devastation, patriotism, and the overwhelming desire to become strong again.  The outpouring of kindness from our neighbors and from countries all around the world following this tragedy should always be remembered. September 11, 2001, revealed the worst in humanity but it also revealed the best.  It is a day that will never be forgotten.