Intuition: It Tells the Truth When No One Else Does


This is a short posting, but one that probably needs to be read every six months or so.  It’s about trusting our internal voice.  Our personal intuition is there for a reason.  We sometimes explain it away because it is frequently trying to tell us something that we don’t want to know.  Regardless, intuition is an overall snap shot of the truth.

Some people describe intuition as a gut feeling, a little voice in your head, or even a tingling sensation that gets your attention. The truth is that every person has natural intuition, but not every person is aware of or pays attention to their intuition.

It is said by some that women tend to have greater natural intuition than men do, but that is not necessarily the case. Anyone who has ever been a regular caregiver for a child knows that it is possible to develop a sense of what that child is thinking and feeling, especially when the child is very young.  In close social groups, such as fraternities, clubs, and service organizations, friends of both sexes often develop close bonds that are strengthened by their natural intuition.

It is important to understand the difference between intuitive skills and simply making assumptions about other people. Paying attention to your intuition is never an excuse for making unwarranted assumptions, being judgemental, gossiping, or engaging in rumor and innuendo.  My informed advice is to not ignore your intuition.  I’m not suggesting acting on it without substantiation or some kind of evidentiary support, but do not ignore it.  Think about it, have you ever had a strong intuitive hunch that didn’t end up being at least partly correct?

Intuition provides us with warnings for some type of survival purpose I suppose.  But what I notice is that we ignore it if we’re certain we can endure the repercussions.  For example, if you’re driving down a dark road and something tells you that if you keep driving forward you will plummet from a cliff, you will likely stop the car and do a little investigation.  If you are madly in love and some type of intuition is telling you that your partner is being disloyal, many will ignore it or explain it away as being paranoid.  Why experience pain now when it can be postponed?  Sometimes we just don’t want the truth.

In both our personal and business lives intuition plays an important role, a role that we all too frequently dismiss.  Learn to hone your intuitive skills and become more intelligent in all aspects of your life.